Sampling strategy

All attached are instruction to do this
I only need presentation slide to cover the requirement
you need to read the case i attached n do presentation
i need eye catching presentation (So colourful n nice formatting font etc)
I dont need covered page or the content page
I just need u to address answer for all the questions, please see below

Need to address :
-Research Q of the article (At least 2)
-Methodology (method used) >> Most important so please focus on this
-Strength and weaknesses of the paper (I can do this by myself)
– others as in paper instruction (you will find in assignment instruction in attached file)

I need all content about the research paper
please answer all that the question asked n put into the slide
(One slide can consist of answer of many question)

let me know asap i am waiting for the writer reply
Get back to me whether u can do this or not?
Below is what my friend did:
Sampling method
Sampling strategy
i am not sure about data collection
But i think we need data analysis

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