RFID in oil and gas Industry


Table of contents?


You failed to write about published RFID Standards as instructed?


Part I – Research Paper:


Each student is required to research and collect data and information regarding RFID Standards that apply to an industry, career or field of study that is of interest.


The paper should include:


  • An Introduction – general description of the Industry that the RFID Standards apply to.
  • Why are standards needed in the chosen industry?
  • What specific standards apply?
  • Appendices (Documentation could include:  graphics,  etc)




  • Keep your format simple and direct
  • A minimum of 2 (peer review – journal articles, Web articles or books) references
  • APA format should be followed in regards to cover page, pagination, references, personal communications, citations, headings and quotations
  • Include a title page, table of contents (figures and tables listed), abstract, main body of your research,  and references, and appendices as needed (graphics, etc)
  • This research paper is to be submitted week 4
Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: