Revision Policy

Our Quality Control Department tries everything possible to make sure that all the requirements outlined in the order form are met and that the customer is provided with a high quality service including responsive communication. Nevertheless, there are some occasions that might need amendments or changes, as considered appropriate by the customer. In order to guarantee satisfaction with the quality of work, the customer can request unlimited revisions at no extra cost. The following are the terms of our revision policy.

Revision Instructions: The comments to be revised should not contradict with the instructions originally submitted in the order form. Orders having revision comments that contradict initial instructions will require you to place a compensation order for the same, which normally ranges between 50% and 70% of the initial order price, depending on how complex the new instructions are.

Process of Requesting Revision: the Customer can request a revision via the messaging system to the Support Team indicating the revision comments. Our Support Team will follow up with the writer to make sure your comments are addressed accordingly within the timeframe you want the paper revised.

Revision Timeframe: Free revisions can be requested within 10 days after the delivery of the first version of the completed paper. After the expiry of the 10-day period, free revisions cannot be requested. It is vital to provide the writer with a minimum of 3 hours to finish the requested revision. For urgent orders having 3-8 hours deadline, a minimum of two hours should be provided. However, for a progressive delivery service such as theses and dissertations and larger orders of more than 20 pages, the customer enjoys a 30 day period to request for revision. In addition, for large orders, the Writer is usually supposed to provide sections of the paper for the customer to review as the writer progresses.

Money Back: when claiming a refund, the customer has to initiate the process after at least 2 revisions have failed to yield the desired outcome, which is applicable for orders with a deadline of at least 1 day. However, for orders with a deadline of less than 24 hours, a minimum of 1 revision is needed to initiate a refund. Alternatively, the customer is provided with an alternative to have his/her account credited so that he/she can order a paper of the same amount for free in future. A dispute can be initiated by forwarding your request to accompanied by a sound justification.

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