Review “Student Loans: Should Some Indebtedness Be Forgiven?” 465-470

Paper 2: Prompt

Annotated bibliography & Reflection paper

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of bibliographic citations that includes a descriptive and evaluative paragraph of each citation. Its overall purpose is to support your study of a particular subject by providing a collection of succinct article summaries that will negate the need for rereading of an article.

Part 1: Annotated Bibliography

Length: 5 sources with two paragraphs per source. In total, 10 paragraphs.

-Review the Annotated Bib powerpoint for help

Review one of the following articles below. Then develop a five source annotated bibliography where you will research other perspectives on the issue presented in the original article.

-“Are Integrated Devices Safer Than Using Handheld Devices While Driving?” 471-475

-“Student Loans: Should Some Indebtedness Be Forgiven?” 465-470

– “Facebook: How Has Social Networking Changed How We Relate to Others?” 594-596

-“Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized?” 546-553

Specific requirements:

1. Every bibliographic information will have two paragraphs. The first paragraph is a summary of the source; the second paragraph is an evaluation of the source. Review the annotated bib powerpoint for help.

2. Provide 5 sources for your research topic. Two of your 5 sources may be online sources from Yahoo or Google searches. The rest of your sources must be from the Hcc library or databases. Those sources should be professional/literary journals, library/academic databases, and/or university or college web sites.

3. The bibliography must be formatted according to MLA guidelines—including hanging indents.

4. You may not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, abstracts, or wikis for your annotated bibliography. Those entries will be deducted by 10 points.

5. You may not use any sources or the original article from the textbook in your annotated bibliography.

6. Annotations must be complete sentences.


How To Write an Annotated Bibliography

sample annotated bib paper

MLA Resources

MLA Style Guide (Links to an external site.)

How to Prevent Plagiarism

How to Write Summaries

Part 2: Reflection Essay

Length: 500-800 words.

Overall, the main purpose of the reflection is to explain what you learned from your research over the topic. You also need to explain which article was the most helpful or interesting and explain why. Your thesis should reflect the main purpose of the reflection.

You should also include the following in your essay:

-Explain what you thought about the issue before you researched it

-Explain if your perspective on the issue changed or stayed the same.

-Which source was most helpful and explain why.

-The section should be developed effectively, with an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Do not simply answer the questions by using a yes or no response.

The reflection should have a clear thesis in the introduction: state the purpose of the reflection, and why you plan to convey to your readers. The reflection should have multiple paragraphs

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