In this assignment, you will review an article analyzing the personal and positional sources of power of a famous businessman, Steve Jobs. His innovation, creativity, and boldness have earned Apple Computers worldwide success. You will write an analysis covering the following requirements.

Background Overview:

Steve Jobs created the Apple Computer in 1976 with his friend, Stephen Wozniak. From day one, the Apple Computer Company differentiated itself from similar companies with its unconventional business ideas that constantly redefined the standards for products, marketing, and industry innovation techniques. Steve Jobs was criticized many times, labeled “eccentric,” and said to be hard to work with. What was the real force behind the success?


Read the following:

Using the Argosy University online library resources, select and research at least two other business leaders.

Write an essay that covers the following:

  1. Identify Steve Jobs’ sources of personal and position power. Justify your reasoning.
  2. Assess the implications of Steve Jobs’ influence inside and outside the company.
  3. Utilizing your previous knowledge/experience with different organizations,compare Jobs with at least two other business leaders, analyzing the relationship between each leader’s power and influence inside and outside of their organizations.
  4. Analyze the Apple case within the political frame presented in Module 4, considering its main characteristics.