Respond to the following prompt: Mass Communication sets or perpetuates some gender agendas.

Review the Learning Resources for the week before preparing your response to the week 6 discussion. Come to our Thursday evening class prepared to share your response and discuss the responses of other students.  (If you are unable to attend class on Thursday, please post your written response to the discussion question here, and contact the instructor to discuss the reason for your absence.)

Respond to the following prompts by providing examples of each:

A) Mass Communication sets or perpetuates some gender agendas. Provide links to examples.

B) Mass Communication influences attitudes and opinions about gender, race and sexuality. After reading “The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Communication: Chapter 16: Gender, Race and Media Representation,” pose a question or statement in the group discussion that you now have after completing the readings. For example, this could be a statement about how we could start to combat the misrepresentations.

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