Research Paper

Twenty percent (20%) of your grade comes from your research paper.  You should read the Helpful Hints document in the Research Information section of the Assignments Tab for some overall guidance on how to conduct research.


There are some minimum requirements for the paper:

  • At least 7 pages in length
  • Your paper should adhere to the MLA format (links in the Web Sites tab will help you with this)
  • Sources should be a mix of internet sites, publications, journals and books.
  • For a 7-page paper, you should have at least 3 professional references in your Works Cited or Bibliography page.
  • You should have at least one journal or one book (not the textbook) as a references in your Works Cited or Bibliography page


The topic can be on almost any subject that has to do with management and information technology or organizations and technology or the use of new information technologies.


You are to turn in your research topic by Week 3 through Blackboard (see Assignment Schedule in the Assignments tab on Blackboard for the exact date).  Your topic should be submitted on the form provided in the Research Information tab on Blackboard by the end of Week 3.


Do not wait until the last minute to do your research.


Research Paper Format.

Please read the guidelines below and the examples on the following pages.

Contents Of The Paper

Your research paper should contain the following sections.  Each should be clearly identified as headings in your research paper.

  • Cover sheet with the normal stuff…name, title, who its for, etc.
  • Table of Contents: gives the reader an easy way to find things in the paper
  • Abstract: Give an overview of the problem, the research question, brief review of your methodology, and a quick summary of results.
  • Introduction: give a little background and why the problem is important
  • Body: should have the research question, literature review, methodology used, supporting data, enough sections to clearly tell supporting data from rejection data, discussion of both sides of the issue if appropriate
  • Conclusion: as stated above…what you found out, acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis, why.
  • Bibliography or Works Cited…list of sources used in the research effort
  • Appendices as appropriate to support your research

When in doubt, follow the MLA (Modern Language Association) format.



  • You should use double spacing, 12-point font (either Times New Roman or Arial)
  • Headings should be all caps and bolded.
  • Page numbers should be in the header, right justified along with your last name.

The pages that follow provide the basic format for your paper.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: