Research, you may want to compare and contrast that company with the other massive retailers – whether on-line (e.g.,,, or brick-and-mortar retailers (e.g., Walt-Mart, K-Mart, Sears).

For this assignment, we will focus on, a large retail company that self-identifies as follows:
“ is a technology-based retail company offering customers a wide variety of high-quality products, at great value, with superior customer service. The company provides its customers with the opportunity to shop for bargains by offering suppliers an alternative inventory distribution channel.” (Source:
As you
Please visit the site, and identify the company’s mission and vision, as well as their major stakeholders (you may need to interpret and/or make assumptions here, as all mission and vision statements are not crystal clear – nor are they always explicitly stated. You should note that the stakeholders aren’t simply the shareholders. “Stakeholders” include everyone and anyone who is affected by the success or failure of the company).

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