Research on specific microeconomics topic.

The research project due during week 7 has the following brief description: Select a news article dated within the previous two months and analyze the issue using the economic concepts and theory learned in this class. Include at least one graph developed in our course. Possible concepts include:

  • taxes and consumer or producer surplus
  • demand, supply, and equilibrium price of a particular product
  • elasticity on a particular product
  • perfect competition and imperfect competition, such as monopolies
  • labor market, wages, and income inequality
  • poverty and public policy

In addition there is a grading rubric. Please read this rubric before you begin writing your paper.

Additional guidelines: the article must be at least 500 words and it must cover a specific microeconomics topic. You can use more then one article. Your article(s) must be approved by the instructor before w

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