Research Essay assignment drop box no later than 11:59 pm on December 3.

Your assignment will be to write a five-to-seven page literary analysis (not counting the Works Cited page) determining the author’s central theme of the story through an analysis of the clues provided in the Elements of Fiction: setting, point of view, plot, characterization, symbolism, and style using scholarly sources to support, develop, and ultimately prove your thesis. Your research essay must address at least four of these Elements of Fiction in your analysis of the story. A combination of at least seven printed and electronic scholarly sources must be used during the research process. Essays that do not reach the five-page minimum requirement will be docked a full grade point for each page under the required length. The research essay must be formatted and documented following the MLA style and documentation format. You will need to support your thesis with as many sources as possible, but your bibliography (the sources used) should include a minimum of seven “scholarly” sources. Only reputable Internet sources should be used AND balanced with scholarly books, journals, interviews, and videos. Preferably, you should use scholarly journals from the Pierce College Library’s shelves or electronic databases. While popular magazines, general dictionaries, and encyclopedias can be used to provide an initial overview of the issue, they should be used sparingly. Include such works in your bibliography to credit those sources’ contributions to your research, but they cannot be counted among the seven “scholarly” sources. Remember that much of our library’s holdings are spread across the college district, and pertinent sources are available through Inter-Library loan (unless you do your research at a research library), so do not wait until the last minute to start your research. If you at first have difficulty finding sources, please do not be too shy to ask the reference librarians for assistance. I will gladly assist you in any phase of writing your research paper: from finding sources, to making comments on drafts of the paper, to editing Bibliography pages; however, it is your responsibility to come see or email me and accord me a reasonable amount of time to provide feedback. Use MLA for all aspects of writing, formatting, and documenting your paper, and include parenthetical citations within the text to credit your sources. Failure to credit a source within the text, even if the source is listed on the Works Cited page, constitutes plagiarism and will result in a zero grade for the paper. Required Outcomes for the Research Essay: •Write a research essay appropriate for college-level work using the writing process •Support, develop, and ultimately prove a clearly stated and limited thesis •Be unified and coherent •Be free of grammatical and mechanical error •Adhere to the MLA format for writing papers. •Locate outside sources appropriate for college-level essays using the techniques and tools of research •Quote and paraphrase appropriately and effectively to avoid plagiarism and establish credibility •Generate parenthetical citations and works cited entries for a variety of sources using the MLA formatting and documentation style The research essay accounts for 300 points or 30% of your final grade: Two-hundred points (60%) of the essay’s grade will be determined by how effectively you present your logical argument free of basic and repeated grammar and mechanical errors in 5-7 pages; the remaining 100 points (40%) will be determined by how accurately the paper is formatted and documented using the MLA style and documentation format. The paper is due as a Microsoft Word file using either a .doc or .docx file extension back to the Research Essay assignment drop box no later than 11:59 pm on December 3. No late papers will be accepted.

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