Research essay about Pablo escobar 1500 words about Pablo life

research essay about Pablo escobar 1500 words about Pablo life



ENG102 Research Essay First Draft Requirements

Conduct research and write a research essay on the topic of your choice.

Minimum Requirements:


Formatting (25 pt


– Times New Roman font throughout (including page numbers and works cited list)

– Double spaced throughout (including works cited list)

– Name, Instructor name, class number, date listed at top of first page (on left)

– 1500 words (not including the works cited page)

– Page numbers at top right corner with last name

– Properly formatted MLA works cited page


Writing (25 pts)

– No more than three writing errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation, fragments, etc.)

– Clear sentences with easy-to-follow transitions

– Include at least two direct quotes with in-text citations (properly formatted in MLA) from two different academic journal articles

– Include at least one paraphrase with an in-text citation (properly formatted in MLA) from a journal article or book


Works Cited Page (25 pts)

– Include at least five sources used in your essay on the works cited list (at least two from academic journals)


Content (25 pts)

– Include a thesis supported with evidence from your sources

– Explores a relevant academic topic

– Submitted on time (by 11:59pm on Dec. 2) in Canvas

** Late submissions will lose 25 points for each day late

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: