Research completed as a result of that assignment.

For this Session Long Project, you will write a five-page argument using any topic you would like. Controversial topics are often what people look for to write about, but using local issues, issues you are familiar with, or issues less controversial (whether to use a real Christmas tree or a fake one, for example) work just as well. Sometimes using less controversial topics are easier to work with than highly charged topics, but in any case, choose a topic you already know something about. The focus here will be on how well you can present your argument in writing.

When writing your research paper, use the annotated bibliography that you developed as part of the Case Assignment. You should have the research completed as a result of that assignment. Your sources should already be in APA format. As you write your research paper use the research you’ve already done to make the research paper a bit easier for you. Once you write the research paper, you will include the works cited or list of references in APA format. You will also cite those sources parenthetically in your research paper. Consult APA format (use our optional and required readings to help you)

Read/Review: APA Format: APA Formatting:

Writing a Research Paper:


Use the topic and thesis from the Case Assignment
Provide a coherent thesis statement or main point to your essay
Cite parenthetically in the text using APA and provide a list of references in APA format

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: