Research and evidence used IN ADDITION to content covered in course.


In what ways must leaders and leadership, including how they are developed, still adapt to the demands of today
Due Date: 11 November

Weighting (% of final grade): 20%

Learning Outcome(s) Assessed:
Critical understanding of the role and expectations of leaders and leadership as taught, discussed and researched
Use and critique of theory, use and extrapolation of research and other exercises on the practice of leadership conducted during the course.
Rigorous, evidence-base reflection of the complexity and ambiguity of leading in the organizations and societies of today and of tomorrow and their own concept of leadership in this environment. .

Description of Assignment:
Written, 1500 words, (or alternative format for those with special requirements), not including bibliography.

Grading Criteria (what constitutes a good assignment?):
Accurate and critical use of theories, research and class content to date
Convincing structure and clarity of style and argument
All assertions and claims supported by relevant, authoritative and properly cited evidence.
Additional marks for original research and evidence used IN ADDITION to content covered in course.

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