Research, analyze and attempt to resolve a current world problem in a particular region or nation and create a PowerPointpresentation, magazine, or website using Microsoft: PowerPoint, Publisher, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or other PC compatible program.

You will research, analyze and attempt to resolve a current world problem in a particular region or nation and create a PowerPointpresentation, magazine, or website using Microsoft: PowerPoint, Publisher, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, or other PC compatible program. The focus of your study will be to look at a specific problem facing our world today, the reasons why it exists, and to search for potential solutions that may alleviate or eradicate the problem.

Your project must include the following:

  • The Problem
    • It needs to be thoroughly defined.
    • Why is it a problem?
  • Historical Background
    • Where did the problem begin?
    • When did the problem begin?
    • How and why did the problem receive widespread attention?
  • Analysis
    • What is (are) the cause(s) of the problem?
    • Who or what is responsible for the problem?
    • How do you know? What evidence do you have?
    • What are the political, cultural, religious, or economic aspects to the problem?
  • Solutions
    • What are some possible solutions to the problem?
    • What obstacles stand in the way of any solutions — domestic & foreign?
    • Propose some viable remedies for the problem.

Possible Areas of Study:

Aids/Disease Sectarian War Terrorism Religious Conflict
Famine Genocide Women’s Rights Global Warming
Population Control Pollution Child Labor Weapons of Mass Destruction


If you wish to select a topic other than one of those listed above, please email your instructor for permission.

Step IV. Compile Final Product

Make sure you review all of the elements that are expected to be submitted with the final project to ensure you get full credit! 

You may present your final project in either a PowerPoint presentation, Magazine, or Web site. Your choice of medium should encompass the following criteria:


PowerPoint Requirements:

Will contain around 20 slides, including:

  • Title slide with graphic
  • Contents slide, outlining presentation
  • Minimum of 15 slides covering your topic
  • Minimum of eight (8) graphics included on your slides (e.g., pictures, graphs, charts, maps)
  • Two editorial cartoons from two different perspectives related to your topic
  • Slide with bibliography in MLA format, indicating sources used
  • In-text citations, no footnotes or endnotes
Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: