Report on homeostatic control and physiology of blood glucose.

I will have uploaded the assignment brief (instructions on what is being asked) for this order. It is a report, subtitles etc. I have also uploaded another file that I have written up a couple of paragraphs that I’d to be included within the report, with the references. Please read everything carefully. I have uploaded another file full on notes to help construct the order. Please feel free to ask me any questions on any areas you’re confused on. It’s not for humans, but mammals, as in an animal – dog, cat. Its an anatomy and physiology report on homeostatic control and physiology of blood glucose. APA style, year 2000 – current year references. Journals/articles. English U.K language.
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AP final document is an old draft – don\”t use it as it is rubbishly written but it should hopefully given you a visual idea etc
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The file named \”hypothalamus\” document is the file i have written myself and wish to be included within this order please, with the references.
a_p assignment is the brief for the report with grading criteria included.
a&p assignment info 2015 document i have uploaded is bullet pointed research for the order

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