Reflection Paper

In this paper, you will choose 2 readings and 1 case study from this course to critique your studio work. Analyze your designs. How do they promote the idea of restorative commons, biophilic design, community? This may be challenging. Think about the “grandparent test”: can you describe and present the concepts we have learned in class to your grandparent? Can you then show them how you have applied what you have learned through your design work? use the readings (and case studies) to support your analysis by providing quotes or supporting statements. Cite your sources.

Commentaries should be written in narrative (not lists of answers to the above questions) in 3-4 pages with 1.5 spacing and 11-12 point font. Use proper citations for quotes or referenced material. Provide references for any additional sources you cite (you do not need to use additional sources, but if you do, you should cite them.) Your commentaries will be graded based on use of critical thinking, use of the readings to support your ideas, and grammar and spelling as in the rubric (next page). All commentaries will be worth 30 points. The final commentary grade will be based on the average of all commentaries.

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