Recruitment Plan

Develop a recruiting plan that will enable you to establish a pool of applicants for the position. To do this requires answering the following questions:
o What is your relevant labor market for this position? Based on this, what recruitment source(s) are appropriate?
o What information would you include in your position announcement/ advertisement given the recruitment source(s) you chose?
• Establish a selection process in order to establish a candidate pool and make your hiring decision. This involves the following:
o In your job description you developed a list of competencies (i.e., KSAs) that are required to be successful in the job. From this list, identify those that you will be using as selection criteria for the position and whether you will be focusing on traits, behaviors, or outcomes to determine if they’ve met the criteria.
o Would you use any employment tests? Which ones? For which KSAs? Why?
o Develop a set of 6-8 interview questions (e.g., behavioral, situational, etc.) to ask so you can determine if the candidate has the KSAs required to perform the job and if they would be a good fit for the organization.

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