Recipe analysis

The final assignment in this course is intended to give you an opportunity to pursue something that interests you further and to demonstrate your knowledge of the science of cooking. While the final assignment is not due for a number of weeks, at this time you will be selecting a topic and submitting it for approval. There are three different options for you to select from:


1. Recipe analysis – You will assemble a ‘cook book’ with a minimum of 8 recipes which might be organized by meal categories (such as entree, baked goods, desserts) or any other logical arrangement. This assignment, however, is more than just pulling together some recipes you like but rather is intended to demonstrate the knowledge you have built over the term. You will analyze each recipe and discuss the selection of cooking method, the impact of heat on the ingredients, and something about the key ingredients, and a discussion of theunderlying science. The focus of this assignment should not be culinary but rather is intended to demonstrate your understanding of the science behind the recipe and make connections to the concepts described in your readings.

2. Cooking project – Select a food product (but not chocolate chip cookies as Alton Brown already did that!) then find at least three recipes that result in variations in the final product. This assignment works best when you change just one variable at a time. For example, you might prepare the food using three different fats OR three different types of flour.  You will then prepare the food and evaluate the differences in the final products. Photo or video documentation should be included and the use of independent food critics is encouraged. Another approach might be to try making a food product, such as sauerkraut or sourdough bread, where the focus would be on the science of the process rather than the cooking.

3. Final Paper – This will be an 6-10 page paper with properly cited references on a topic of your choice related to the science of cooking. An in-depth look at different cooking techniques or cuisines would be two examples.

This assignment is intended to offer choices that best suit your interests and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts. If you think of something that you would be interested in pursuing other than the choices offered, please let me know.

After you decide what approach you will be taking, write it up in sufficient detail to make it clear to me what you will be doing and how you will be emphasizing the science behind the activity. Pick your topic carefully as what is approved, will be what is expected for the paper/project. Minor scope changes are fine but requests for radical changes in the couple of weeks before the due date will not be acceptable.

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