Reason for periods of calamity or historical oppression?

Argument (4-6 pages)

In his discussion of just and unjust laws in "Letter from Birmingham Jail," Martin Luther King Jr. says, "To use the words of Martin Burber, the great Jewish philsopher, segregation substitute an ‘I-it’ relationship for the ‘I-thou’ relationship, and ends up relegating persons to the status of things …Paul Tillich has said that sin is separation. Isnt segregation and existential expression of man’s tragic separation, an expression of his awful estrangement…? (447)
Do you think that separation of self from an other has been the major reason for periods of calamity or historical oppression? Write an essay arguing for or against the fact thta this kind of "seperation" or "estrangement" (king 477), between individuals ( or such a mentality of seperation in place in a societyor culture), in and of itself is enough to cause suffering for large numbers of people. Do other forces need to be at work: gvernments, legal systems, educational systems, propaganda?
A total of four sorces are required for this paper. You will need to use King’s "Letter from Birmingjam Jail" and the essay "Nonviolence and Peace Making Today" by Micheal Nagler to argue your points. Both text are in "Cultural Conversation, The presense of the Past" by stephen dilks, regina hansen, and mattew parfitt. YOu can either write entirely about the African AMerican struggle for civil rights in the period King addresses (mid-nineteen fifties to early sixties) or use that as a base for your argument and discuss one other historical period or incident in which people were subjected to suffering and death (i.e. Hitlers third Reich, Eugenics in Australia**). Find and se twoo additional sources such as newspaper or magazine articles (print or online), to develop your argument.
You will need to have at least one paragraph in which you present the opposite point of view. You may use one or two of your sources to address this point of view. Ofcourse overall and eventually you should show hw your argument has more validity.

Additional info
— do you think the argument mlk proposed in his letter is affective?
— define 2 or 3 terms ..i.e resistance, non violence, oppression, self etc to prove your argument

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