Rank what you consider the Top 10 leadership behaviors.

Class Topic: Organization Behaver

Rank what you consider the Top 10 leadership behaviors. (1 being the most important)

For each of the 10 ranked behaviors, write a brief explanation for each selection

Support your list with theory.

Respond to the answers from your team partner below.
There are 10 leadership behaviors which I think are important:

1. Solve Problem Effectively
As a leader, he or she should have abilities to make effective decision to solve problems.
2. Operating with a Strong Results Orientation
I agree with the article mentioned that if leaders are able to emphasize the importance of work, employees will have more clear concepts to achieve their job and goals.
3. Communicate Prolifically and Enthusiastically
Understanding employees’ opinion or team members’ idea are quite significant. Therefore, communication is essential.
4. Be Supportive
After managers know their employees’ opinion, they should be supportive. It will help both sides to build trust. Also, employees will have more passion to finish their work.
5. Develop Others
Leaders have to give their employees more opportunities to enhance their working abilities. As a result, employees who have a higher-level capability can help organization to deal with missions more effectively.
6. Foster Mutual Respect
In global working environment, employees are from different cultures. So, establishing a harmonious working environment is extremely crucial.
7. Seek Different Perspectives
Be flexible is also a valuable characteristic in leadership behaviors. A leader ought to accept different voice and idea in order to fulfill the goals.
8. Facilitate Group Collaboration
It is important for a leader to promote collaboration in group. Conflict management is a necessary skill that leaders should have.
9. Clarify Objectives, Rewards, and Consequences
When an organization has comprehensive and effective regulation, everyone will get more understand about their work and how to accomplish their job more successfully.
10. Recover Positive from Failures
Every mission has risks. Leaders should have capabilities to remedy loss when their organizations are confronted with difficulties.

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