This is an Historical Essay. This may be equated to a mini-research paper. The objective of the assignment is to give students practice Accessing and Using two more advanced types of source materials, Primary Sources and Academic Journals. Note: Encyclopedias May NOT BE USED !

While reading the biography you have selected for review, be sensitive to issues or questions ( of historical significance ) about this person. Choose ONE issue or question as the topic for the Historical Essay. Then using Primary Sources and Academic Journals try to answer the question or resolve the issue. It will not be possible to completely resolve the issue in such a short paper. What you need to do (at least) is describe or summarize what the Primary Sources and Academic Journals say about the question or issue, and conclude by saying what you think based on your research. Remember: the reason for the assignment is to give you practice finding and using these source materials.

In this class we had to assignments, the one I am having you write, and a book review which i did on a mexican god called Quetzalcoatl. The book I used was:
Baldwin, Neil. Legends of the Plumed Serpent: Biography of a Mexican God. New York: Perseus Books Group, 1998.
This current research paper must be based on a question or issue that you find in the book I wrote the review on.

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