Provides an introduction that creates interest rather than merely presenting background information.

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-thie request is based on the content in the secound request.

1- in seperate paper write the thesis in seperate

2- and write the outlines in seperate paper


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from the book The seagull Reader, there is a play called

A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry

the play:


required to write an original analysis of a piece of dramatic writing from Raisin in the Sun.  Writing an analysis of dramatic writing commonly entails formulating and arguing a thesis that synthesizes a thematic aspect of the writing with a formal one.


For instance, consider the way in which a particular literary device at work in your selected work contributes to conveying a theme or idea there.  (Remember that a theme is not merely a topic; rather, a theme expresses an idea about a given topic.)   The device and theme you discuss for a particular piece of fiction are yours to choose.



For examples of the literary devices at work in these plays – look to the introduction in our Seagull Reader (the blue book).  Specifically, “The Parts of a Play section”: plot, character, spectacle, & symbolism.

the introduction link is this:



  • identify a literary theme within a text, present a position, and create a specific thesis on that issue and place it at the end of the introduction with red color.
  • support their position with credible, varied, and verifiable textual evidence.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the literary readings by acknowledging that the argument being made does not exclude other possible readings.
  • understand that the persona of the writer projects is part of the effectiveness of the argument.
  • demonstrate an understanding of the rhetorical situation of their argument.


Characteristics of the Argument Essay

A successful essay

  • provides an introduction that creates interest rather than merely presenting background information.
  • offers a specific and debatable thesis in the introduction that focuses the essay as argumentation.
  • presents an objective stance by the use of the third-person voice.
  • includes specific details and textual evidence.
  • correctly integrates quotations and conforms to MLA documentation and format guidelines.




paper must contain a thesis ( MARK THE THESIS ON RED COLOR PLEASE ), and that thesis must organize your ideas. A thesis is your claim about a topic – what are you trying to prove in your paper?

Use direct quotes wherever they will help support your ideas. Aim to include at least one direct quote per body paragraph.


Your paper will consist of an introduction (the thesis will be its last sentence), body paragraphs (however many you need), and a conclusion (that brings up a new idea/perspective).

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