Provide the questions on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11 in the morning.

The paper requires you have the book. If you do not have the book DO not accept this job. This is the post from my teacher. I will update you with the questions as soon as I receive them FINAL PAPER/Exam This FINAL focuses on Century of the Wind by Eduardo Galeano. I will ask you some questions for you to answer and think about this book by Galeano. This reading was assigned at the beginning of the semester. During your reading of this book make sure that you take notes and prepare an outline of issues, topics, arguments, facts, reflections… etc. that interests you. These notes will help answer the questions and write this final paper/exam. I will provide the questions on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11 in the morning. You have until SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12 at midnight (almost two full days) to answer and submit it as a journal. Your response must be 5-6 pages long (approx. 2 pages for each question), times new roman 12, double space. THE QUESTIONS WILL APPEAR HERE: Submit Via journal attachment, see journal for the Final paper (25 points). DUE: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12

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