Provide substantial support for the main ideas stated in the introduction, which will be anticipated and ordered by the forecasting statement.

Researched Argument Essay with Working Bibliography Assignment ¥ Write a 5-6 page (1800 words) arguing a position paper in Modern Language Association Format (MLA) about a research topic that interests you and that you want to study further. The topic should be both controversial and arguable, and based on an intellectually challenging line of inquiry. The topic you choose to research may be related to your college courses, identity/community, or career/work. Please choose a unique and specific topic, one that has not been extensively argued already by contemporary media. Topic choice must be approved by your instructor. When you have a good understanding of the topic, develop a plausible position and construct a well-supported argument for your position. ¥ The essay will begin with a clearly written introduction which engages your audience and thoroughly presents the issue. A line of inquiry that is that is neither too narrow nor too broad, neither too bland nor too challenging, neither too speculative nor too grounded is expected. Explicitly identified thesis statement and forecasting statements will be clearly evident. Body paragraphs will provide substantial support for the main ideas stated in the introduction, which will be anticipated and ordered by the forecasting statement. The paragraphs will be appropriately detailed and demonstrate strong unity, coherence, and development. Each paragraph will support the thesis statement, and contain transitions to help the reader easily shift from topic to topic. An effective counterargument addressing possible objections to your position and acknowledging alternative positions is required. The conclusion will reiterate your position and remind readers what they have learned from reading the paper by summarizing the information presented. The conclusion may also give advice on how to apply that information or speculate about the future challenges of the topic.  Grammar and mechanics will be free of error. Editing will be thorough. ¥ Your paper should incorporate some if not all of the techniques of this genre of writing as explained in our reading assignments. The best papers will make good use of the following: an engaging introduction to the topic, rhetorical questions, epigraphs; an explicit thesis and forecasting statement; thesis support in the form of expert sources, anecdotes, scenarios, examples, statistics, and specifics; clear definitions of terminology; logical classification of information; counterargument using accommodation, concession, or refutation; consideration of alternate positions; and transition words and sentences.               ¥ Your Works Cited page should contain a minimum of five sources. A working bibliography is a requirement of this essay, and a print copy will be collected the class prior to peer review as a separate short response assignment. At least three sources from your working bibliography MUST be used as support and cited in your position paper. You may use any varied combination of print or electronic sources. You may use field research as one source. All sources should be listed alphabetically on your Works Cited page. You need to use in-text citation in the form of signal phrases and parenthetical citations to identify your sources in the body of your paper.

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