Provide examples of your point of view drawing on both films and the readings

Short Paper
Answer the following question with a three-page paper, done in double space, 12pt. font. If you quote anyone, use author-page citation. In the event of the Soft Reserve reader, cite the author and the reserve page. Be certain to write in complete sentences and in paragraphs that advance your evidence and arguments. Try to avoid using the first person and use the active voice as much as possible.
In three pages, you cannot mention all the films and readings but assume I and the TA have watched and read everything and you are writing to us about what we have share in this class
Do you find a common attitude toward history in the films presented in Weeks 1 and 2?
1. If you do, how does that attitude approach history? Provide examples of your point of view drawing on both films and the readings
2. If you do not, give examples of how a variety of views have been presented, again draw on the films and the readings

Weeks 1 and 2 Film:
“The Magnificent Seven” by John Sturges
“La otra conquista (The Other Conquest)” bySalvador Cassaco
“The Last Supper” by Tomas Gutierrez Alea
“Camila” by Maria Luisa Bemberg

Weeks 1 and 2 Readings:
“In Defense of the Filmmakers” by Robert Brent Toplin
“Ways of Seeing” by Peter Berger

There are two more readings i think, but i dont have the list with me now. The paper have to be with in 3 pages. you dont have to mention all the film and all the reading, as the question paper said, "pretend the grader read and watch all the film and reading". I can upload all the reading since it is all in the reader i have.
I may need to add some more instruction, but i would like to have a quote first. Thanks so much

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