Provide evidence for your first sentence.

use the same format like the 45707422 order 5
please follow the instructions carefully topic:The most interesting concept i learned about NPDA debate is…
Statement: write the prompt EXACTLY as it appears and finish the sentence. for example: begin with – The most interesting concept i learned about NPDA debate is….(3 points/thesis)- 1 paragraph
Elaboration: Begin with ” In other words….” explain the first sentence. 1 paragraph
Evidence: Begin with ” For example…” and provide evidence for your first sentence. this evidence MUST come from the reading (1-2 sources), outside reading, current events, ect.( max 3 sources)
Be sure to site in APA in text and on a reference page. 1 paragraph

Illustration: Begin with ” This is like ….” and make a comparison. It would be especially enriching if you were to be able to pick a popular culture, political, or other real world artifact as a point of comparison. conclusion first, essay should be thoughtful. second, essay should be responsive. directly and narrowly. third, should be engaged,developed and clear. 2 full pages. please write it as an essay formats.

i have given you 3 chapter, find ONE big concept to do this essay

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