Produce a project management plan (PMP) about my project chater .

Produce a project management plan (1,000 words) for your project concept that utilises and illustrates the purpose of project management tools, techniques and strategies. This document contains a series of completed charts and tools. These are listed below:

A product breakdown structure
A work breakdown structure
A Gantt chart
A communications matrix
A risk management plan
A human resources plan
A quality management plan

Remember all charts must be word processed in a professional manner and text within the charts counts towards the word count.

BUSINESS STYLE OF WRITING (This applies to task 1 and 2 only)
Keep your industry audience in mind; they do not have time to read long essays or reports. This task should comprise of short text with either bullet points and/or with short descriptions or phrases. All other hand in guidelines listed below still apply.
Added on 17.11.2015 17:31
dear sir,
you just need to do the task 1. I have attached the Assignment ,sample network diagram, my last work about project managment , you need to produce a project management plan (PMP) about my project chater . I have also attached the slide on how to do the PMP.
do not hesitate ask question.

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