Primary Source Analysis


  • Assignment 1.1 – I will send template to the teacher that we agree and shake hands for assigment.


    Primary Source Analysis Instructions – Honors Class –  Please download and use the Template for the image you selected. – It can be found in the Week 3 Instructor Insights.  Assignments not using the template will not be accepted


    Please choose a primary source IMAGE from the Industrial Era related to Industrialization in some way (1870-1910).  This should be a PHOTOGRAPH or POLITCIAL CARTOON.


    Remember that a primary source is a source from the time period/a first-hand account etc.   Make sure that your primary image focuses on Industrialization and is not just any image from the time period (i.e. an image about Share-croppers or African American males voting or women fighting for the right to vote would fall into the time period, but are not about industrialization).

    Once you have selected your image, you will complete a primary analysis of the image.  Your primary analysis should include a copy of the actual image along with the source (APA format) for the image.  Please use scholarly sources (.gov, .edu etc.) and not just random internet sources (such as infoplease,, pinterest etc.).  Good places to find primary images include (search prints, photographs section) and


    You will then write a 1-2 page analysis in PARAGRAPH form with an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph (no question and answer format) that addresses the following:

    For a photograph:  Template for Photograph (required)

    • Discuss the people, activities, and objects in the photograph.
    • Discuss at least 3 things you can infer about life at the time of the photograph from the contents of the photograph you discussed in previous paragraph.
    • Identify 1-2 questions that the photograph raises in your mind and explain why you have those questions after looking at the photograph.
    • Discuss where you might could go to find answers to your questions.

    *remember to include a title page, then paste the image into the document, then include a introduction paragraph, then the body paragraphs above, and end with a conclusion paragraph.  Have your last page be a References page in APA format of where you found your image.

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