Prepare a research paper about management style in an airline industry.

I’m doing internship in an airline industry and my assignment is to do research paper about management style. It is going to be my final project and i have 20 hrs to get it done.

Complete independent research to support your discussion of the paper topic (minimum of three external sources from textbooks and/or journals required).

Describe management style (using information from HMD 301, a management

textbook, websites and/or journal articles)

How this style of management impacts employee morale in a positive or negative way
How this style of management affects team-building efforts in a positive or negative way.
How does the organization develop effective leaders


Submission and Formatting Standards

Attach a WORD document or PDF file for your submission. Please note the following paper standards:


Minimum of 500 words (use Word Count under Microsoft Tools to ensure your submission meets the length standard).  Submission Information (name, assignment name, etc.…) or references do not count towards word requirement.
No typographical or grammatical errors
1-inch margins on the top, bottom, left, and right
12-point font (Arial or Times Roman)
Headings and, if appropriate, sub-headings used to help organize paper
Introduction with thesis sentence and a “roadmap” that lets the reader know the subject of your paper
Conclusion that summarizes your paper and reminds the reader what your paper was about
Citations for any ideas not the student’s own are fully and accurately cited so a third party can easily find the original source (APA format)
Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: