Post a 1-2 page statement by Day 3 that summarizes what you have learned from the textbook.


The Essence of Arguments

During this course, you have learned how argument is used to “offer a set of reasons or evidence in support of a conclusion,” (Weston, 2009, p. xi). This is an important concept because an “argument” typically has a negative connotation. Being able to support your views with clear and sound reasons is a very important skill in being an effective manager.

This week you reviewed the course text, A Rule book for Arguments. Based on your reading:

Post a 1-2 page statement by Day 3 that summarizes what you have learned from the textbook. Include in your summary how this information will be helpful to you both personally and professionally. Could it be used in problem solving? Why or why not?

Submit a 1-2 page response by Wednesday June 29, 2016.

Support your work with specific citations from the Learning Resources. You are allowed to draw from additional sources to support your argument, but you must cite using SPA standards. All quoted material must be identified, cited, and referenced per SPA standards.

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