Please write a SWOT analysis for Staples Inc. based on the information I have given below for 6 pages double spaced.

Please write a SWOT analysis for Staples Inc. based on the information I have given below for 6 pages double spaced. The SWOT analysis paper should base on the information given below.


  • Innovative culture that staples have is really an advantage for them because by being innovative, they are able to produce unique products and services to meet the customer’s needs. It will also have a long-term positive impact which add its value.

  • They have also successfully create economies of scale because of their low production cost and also their are many varieties of products that they sell.

  • Staples has a variety of products that they sell and it becomes an advantage for them as they can attract more customers to shop at their stores and also maximize their market share in the industry.


  • Staples is a firmly established and worldwide famous company with more than 10.000 employees so one of their major concern for them is their high employee turnover which results in minimizing their profit margin and earnings per share.

  • The other major weakness is their supply chain. It happens that their supply chain is not as strong as it should be and this results to lose the potential profits of the company. The reason for this is that Staples is a firmly established retail store but now it is slowing shifting to the e-commerce market as people are starting to do online shopping. There will be a lot of changes in their supply chain as they also need to take care of the shipping to their customers and also to warehouses and from warehouses to their stores.


  • last year on the 20th of may staples has lost their customers at the stores but their online sales increased by 6%. So this simply shows that they have a lot of opportunities in the online market and must always improve their system to satisfy their online customers.

  • Since Staples is a worldwide company, they are doing globalization to expand their market internationally to maximize their profits and margin. They must continue to expand internationally to emerging markets/countries.


  • Their major competitors like amazon can be considered as a threat for them because amazon offers many different kinds of products also at a very low price and to try to grab their market share, staples has the price match strategy which is to sell all their products at a lower price to match it if their customers can find the exactly same product being sold at a cheaper price online.

  • Since Staples is a worldwide company, they have a risk if the country’s economy is bad, their sales will automatically decrease in that particular country because people can’t really afford to spend during the time of crisis.

  • The changing of government rules and regulations may affect the business because different countries have different rules and it may appears that a particular product is not allowed and in other countries they may allow selling it to the market. The rules of FDI’s may also differ so they really need to adapt to every country’s rule.

  • lastly, intense competition is also a major threat because amazon, office depot which happens to be their major competitor also provides products at a very low price and they also have a large percentage of market share in the market.

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