Paper is on Zenobia – Queen of Palmiya (The Warrior Queen

Research Paper

Each student is required to write a research paper on a topic that has been approved by the instructor. Papers must be typed, double-spaced and at least 3 pages in length. All papers must include a cover page, a works cited page and a source citation.


Papers should  include:

·        A couple of paragraphs on the culture and artist: biography if available

·        A couple of paragraphs on stylistic information: what style or period exemplified

·        A couple of paragraphs on a specific work: descriptive and analytical

Source requirements and notation:

·        A minimum of three sources: traditional and scholarly internet sources acceptable

·        Any standard documentation style accepted: MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian

·        At least one source citation: footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical references

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: