overview of the incidence of diabetes in the united states

This is my portion of a case study paper, more will be added, i need a introduction based on this information
Charles D, is a 43 year old male, is a busy CEO of a major technology company. He is recently divorced from his wife of 25 years, and is currently living on his own in a new home. He notices that he has lost weight, is excessively thirsty and frequently has to urinate more often. With his busy schedule , he does not really have time to worry about himself.
The paper will include, an overview of the incidence of diabetes in the United states(this is my portion)
typical presenting signs of diabetes,The potential effects of diabetes on the body
The teaching requirements with measurable objectives and the psychosocial challenges that patients like Mr.D may have.

please write a introduction with this in mind. The PAPER ONLY has to be about AN OVERVIEW OF THE INCIDENCE OF DIABETES IN THE UNITED STATES, please use 17 font and pleas cite work, need one reference from a scholar journal. thank you

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