Museum Report


1- the report should be based on a significant historical work in ceramic media
2- The report should focus in depth on the ceramic art of only one culture


1- describe the work: give a detailed description of one or more pieces
2- Evaluate material presence: does the ceramic artwork that you are reviewing have an appropriate material presence? Describe in detail the type of clay, forming techniques, surface treatment, glazing and firing method of each culture.
3- Identify influences: discuss possible influences to the ceramic artwork that you are writing about, such as the ceramics, painting or sculpture of a neighboring culture, social or political commentary, or important events in their world that effected that culture.
4- interpret the work: Relate the work to your personal experience and knowledge, what is interesting about it ? What allow you to understand he work ? In order to adequately interpret the ceramic artwork that you are reviewing, you will be required to research that culture and cite at least two books on the bibliography page of your report

Recommended Museums:

1-Los Angeles County Museum of Art
2- Pacific Asia Museum
3- Southwest Museum
4- The Getty Center

and please if I could get photos of the pieces you are going to write about so I could know what it looks like and in wich museum was it

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