Miranda Problem

Charles was a 17 year-old boy who the police suspected of murdering a neighbor. the police obtained enough evidence for probable cause and
obtained an arrest warrent from the appropriate judicial authority. charles was arrested at home at 1:00 p.m for the murder and promptly taken to the police statio where he arrived ten minutes later. the arresting police detective, Detective Clark, properly advised charles of his miranda Rights and Charles agreed to talk to the police.
During the initila questioning from 1:15 to 2:15 p.M following the Miranda rights, Charles made certain statements that pointed to his guilt, althoug no clearl-cut confession was obtained. at 2:15, detective Clark, feeling that charles was about to finally confess, started to question more vigorously. Meamwhile, at 2pm charles, parents call a local well known criminal defense attorney and told her about her son’s arrest. They asked her to represent her son and she agreed. The first thing she did was call the police station 2:15pm where her client, charles, was being held. she asked the detective in charged of Charles case. When the call got through to the detective Clark, the attorney asked him to stop questioning Charles and tell Charles that he now had an attorney.

Constitutionally, what, if anything is required of the Detective clark? explain Fully.

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