Mathematics for Management (Online)



This course provides a fundamental background for administrators in the public and private economic sectors, as well as a solid review of pre-MBA mathematics. Topics include linear and matrix algebra (with special emphasis on demand/supply and cost/revenue analysis) and differential calculus.




[X110 “Mathematics for Management”]


This course enhances each participant’s preparation for the employment of quantitative techniques applicable to any MBA or UCLA Certificate program.  Successful completion of X110 signifies that a participant has demonstrated the ability to…

  • …develop linear models (equations) using the concept of slope and the point-slope equation form; and, verify model accuracy using Excel spreadsheet techniques.
  • …develop nonlinear models (equations) using Excel spreadsheet techniques.
  • …combine individual models into linear/nonlinear systems using Excel spreadsheet techniques; solve applied problems involving these systems; and, perform “break even“, “equilibrium”, optimization”, and “rate of change” analyses in business contexts like Cost/Revenue/Profit and Demand/Supply.
  • …utilize the basic theory of differential calculus, and employ the techniques most often needed to derive first and secondderivative expressions of applied business functions.
  • …employ first derivatives of applied business functions in “optimization” and “rate of change” contexts such as Profit/Revenue maximization, Cost/average Cost minimization, marginal Cost/Revenue/ Profit estimation, and Price Elasticity of Demand computations.
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