Marketing Research Presentation

This week, prepare a final analysis and presentation of the information you generated in Week 5, as well as recommendations based on your research findings.

Present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation to be provided to the leadership of the symphony and any board members who choose to participate to summarize your research. When you prepare this, be sure to consider the audience, key information needs, and the research objective.

Your presentation should consist of 10–12 slides. Each slide must contain a Notes section that details what information you would present with that slide.

Your assignment will be graded on the following criteria:

  • Apply research processes and approaches that address organizational decision making and strategy building needs.
  • Present relevant research methods, data, and measurement scales to support findings.
  • Analyze data using appropriate techniques.
  • Synthesize results in response to research objectives.
  • Clearly and effectively communicate research analysis and findings
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