Marketing plan of MANDARIN ORIENTAL

This is group assignment i have to do a certain part of the assignment which should be 1000 words. we have do do the marketing plan of MANDARIN ORIENTAL who wants to enter in hanoi now which is capital of vietnam. The entry mode which we have selected to enter the country is FRANCHISING . My part of the project to select entry mode which i have already selected now i have to justify this entry mode selection by analysing the strengths and weeknesses of each and how it relates to the market potential of the country which i have selected is vietnam.

my part needs at least of 7 journal refrencesing in harward style with intext refrencing.

plagiarism free work.

my out line for this is:-

1) title page

2) executive summary

3)company’s mission statement

4)country selected (pestel)

5)entry mode selection( mypart of assignment)

6)target market

and so on……….

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