Marketing Case Analysis Format: What are your expectations if you carry out your plan to solve the problem? What will be the consequences of your actions?

Marketing Case Analysis Format

Complete Steps 1, 2, and 3 first (50 points). 1000-2000 words total for 1, 2, and 3

1) Situation Analysis

The purpose of this segment of the analysis is to outline the key influences on the current situation that prompt action.  Key questions to answer include: where do we find ourselves at the current moment in the case?  How did we get to this point?  Where do we want to be?  Remember, the situation has an internal and external component that needs to be discussed.  For reporting, do not simply repeat data from the case.  Your job is to integrate the information and tell your audience what is important and why to improve our understanding of the problem management faces.  Use a SWOT analysis for this purpose.

2) Key Problem

What is the main problem(s) requiring action by the firm?  Sometimes this is spelled out in the case, but sometimes the main problem lies under the surface.  What are the key questions that management (you) must answer?  Remember, you cannot identify the key problem unless you have a good grasp of the situation and the company’s objectives and goals in the market. Suggest reading the case once, then twice making notes and a third time to formulate a plan.

3) Possible Alternatives

Once you have identified the main problem, you must identify the possible courses of action that will address the key problem.  Be creative and comprehensive, but only decisions that will “solve” the problem should be considered / discussed.  Make sure you compare the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative and match these alternatives with internal and external influences.
Last, complete 4, 5, and 6 (50 points) 1000-2000 words total for 4, 5, and 6

4) Decision & Decision Justification

Your next step is to outline your solution to the current problem.  You must clearly describe what you intend to do and link your decision(s) to data from the case.  That is, you need to provide the logic and evidence that supports your decision.  Why choose this option?  Do not assume your audience will infer your intended links between your suggestions and case information.  Be prepared to discuss and defend your decision fully.

6) Implementation

Your decision will require specific actions in order for your plan to be completed.  What are the necessary steps to implement your decision?  How will you go about making the necessary events happen that will solve the problem? Pay special attention in this course to marketing activities and changes in the marketing mix.

7) Outcomes

What are your expectations if you carry out your plan to solve the problem?  What will be the consequences of your actions?  How will you know your objectives have been reached?  Make sure you consider all the effects of your decision and consider what controls you will need to measure performance.

Additional Notes:

1) Use only data in the case.
2) Use logical and data driven support for your analysis and decisions.
3) Justify everything.  Everything in your solution should address your key problem.

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