MA in Architectural Interior Design.

Dear Sir and Madam,
Im looking for help with writing my dissertation in Harvard method. More detailed notes in the file attached. Its for MA in Architectural Interior Design. It should contain about 5ooo words as well as a Design project and a development journal. I would need it to be done in two parts(firs part starting from now, second part somewhere at the beginning of December to be done in 3 days) but by one highly professional writer with Ph.D degree, – it is very important for me that it will be the same person guaranteed for both parts !
Preferably who understands in design as well as has worked for you successfully for a long time. Im sorry for such a comments, but I am very nervous for it to be done properly. I also would like the opportunity to stay in contact with the writer incase he/she
will have questions. Will be great if language of this work will be simple as I am a foreigner. Maybe here better to say – not ambitious. I am including a lot of material from my research and it is very important that writer mainly use that.

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