look through the attachments and make the intro , conclusion and paragraphs in these forms?

i need topic sentence for each paragraph. Thesis statement for introduction.
I also need source from academic and reliable sources for each of the paragraphs to support my argument which will have in text citation as well as harvard referencing at the end.
please include the plan of the essay when you submit.
Thank you

Use of Sources:
1. Good range of relevant sources
2. Sources support argument with few redundant or irrelevant citations
3. Paraphrasing and summarising are successful
4. Harvard referencing is accurate

Cohesion and Coherence;
1.Topic sentences link to thesis statement
2. Paragraphs are fully developed
3. Introduction and conclusion are clearly structured and well written
4. Very good range of cohesive devices are used well

Communication & Task Fulfilment
1.All parts of the question fully answered
2. Academic register used appropriately throughout
3. Hedging is usually used
4. Good attempt at analysis
5. Some minor irrelevancies or digressions

1.Good range of academic and topic related vocabulary
2. Good use and understanding of vocabulary
3. Good control of word formation and spelling- some errors

1. Excellent range of structures
2. Majority of sentences are error free
3. Punctuation is generally appropriate
Added on 14.11.2015 17:31
can you please look through the attachments and make the intro , conclusion and paragraphs in these forms?
Thank you
Added on 14.11.2015 18:05
there should be no quotation in the essay and all the supporting sources should be paraphrased instead of quoted, and those paraphrasing should include intext citation. intent citation should only have the date and the surname of the author.
thank you

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