Literature Review, Organizational Design and structure

This is very short notice. I lost the majority of my paper due to an unfortunate power and internest outage. My laptop basically quit on me. But I need this completed by 1800 EDT on Friday so I can post it to the Safe Assign at least once. No plagiarism!  It needs to be arranged in this order:

Title page;

  • Abstract;
  • Outline;
  • Introduction (no longer than 1 page);
  • Findings (a minimum of 13 pages);
  • Conclusions, recommendations, and suggestions for further study (a minimum of 2 pages); and
  • References that are current (less than 3 years) or important for historical background.

Must be in APA format, With 15 articles (references) and 16 pages of content, you will likely have anywhere between 4–6 major themes for your Literature Review. I need to get a B+ or greater on this assigment. Price is negotiable, but I need someone to do A+ work. I have an outline and articles to send to help complete the assignment. Please help me out!

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