Learning and Motivation : Annotated Bibliography within Sport Psychology

Title: Week Six Assignment: Learning and Motivation 100 pts.

Due Date: End of Week 6



After thoroughly reviewing readings, lecture notes, and websites, complete the following assignment:

Annotated Bibliography within Sport Psychology

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to a psychological skills topic of Learning and Motivation. You are asked to obtain two (2) empirical articles (i.e., research article which reports the results of a study that uses data derived from actual observation or experimentation) directly related to learning and motivation. Please review articles which are not presented in our SPHS505 coursework. Avoid reviewing websites. Suggestion – you may want to use APUS Online Library to locate these literary sources (i.e., academic journal publications).



For each article, write an annotated bibliography. Additional information re: composing an annotated bibliography — http://apus.libguides.com/c.php?g=241212&p=1606017#14503744


Then, integrate the findings from each annotated bibliography into a summary report detailing the knowledge you have gained about learning and motivation.

Process for completing this assignment:

-Select a psychological skills topic dealing with Learning and Motivation.

-Locate two (2) empirical studies from scholarly academic journal articles websites, which test principles related to that topic you personally selected

(i.e., articles should be published from 1995 to present time). Example of an academic journal publication is: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

Suggestion: Use ‘APUS Library’ (see tab on left side of SPHE505 Home page) in order to review academic journal publications.

-For each selected article, write a one-page annotated bibliography (i.e., approximately 150 words) detailing: reference, in American Psychological Association (APA) format, purpose, hypotheses, sample, measures, procedures, design, statistical results, interpretation of results, practical implications, and scholarly implications (e.g., suggestions for future research). Avoid presenting direct quotes from a publication’s abstract. Paraphrase information from each of the reviewed articles.

-Compose a summary paragraph from the two academic articles reviewed detailing your knowledge gained about learning and motivation (i.e., integrate the results of these studies; avoid writing two separate summaries).

Additional information re: composing an annotated bibliography — http://apus.libguides.com/writing/tips/annotatedbib


Submit your assignment as an attachment in a single MS Word (doc., docx.) document titled “Your Last Name – Week 6: Review” For example, the MS Word document would be titled: Johnson – Week 6: Review. Remember to include an APA formatted Title page with your submission (see “Resources” — tab on left side of SPHS505 home page; for information concerning “APA Documentation”). Avoid typing your entire assignment in the text box provided within each assignment.

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