Lab 2: Recovery of Trace Evidence

Supplies needed

1 – 8 ounce clear glass or jar

4 ounces of isopropyl alcohol

1 – Coffee filter

1 – Lint roller (available at dollar store and Wal-Mart-cost $1)

1 – Spoon or knife


A. Using a commercially obtained lint roller simulate processing a vehicle used in criminal activity by doing the following:

B. Roll lint roller across the seats of your personal vehicle.

C. Pour into 8 oz. glass container, 3 oz. of clear tap water and 3 oz. of isopropyl alcohol.

D. Peel the contaminated layer off lint roller (there should be numerous layers on most lint rollers).

E. Submerse sticky paper removed from lint roller into alcohol and water solution.

F. Let soak for approximately 5 minutes.

G. Gently agitating the paper as it sets in the solution.

H. Use a fork or spoon that has been wiped clean with alcohol to agitate said paper.

I. Remove the paper from the solution.

J. Take coffee filter and place it over a clean container that has been washed thoroughly to remove any trace or microscopic debris.

K. Pour the alcohol and water solution in which you soaked the contaminated lint roller paper through the coffee filter.

O. Repeat this process by taping either the carpeted floor of your personal vehicle or an article of personal clothing which you have recently worn.

P. Post a 1000-word synopsis of your lab results and experience. The synopsis should include your methodology and findings.

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