Is police brutality and harassment in the United States real or imagined?


Is police brutality and harassment in the United States real or imagined? Reflect on the recent cases involving deaths and bodily harm of citizens—i.e., the New York police chokehold induced death of unarmed Eric Garner in Staten Island, the freeway takedown and beating of an unarmed black woman by an officer of the California Highway Patrol, the shooting death of the unarmed teenager, Mike Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, and the most recent case out of Chicago – the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald in October 2014. Reflect on other cases, if needed, to make your case.

*What are the contending or conflicting views, perspectives, and issue positions regarding police brutality in the United States?

*Based on your research, what is your position on the issue area that you have selected? Explain why.


Conduct research into your topic and prepare a final paper (4 pages in length), typed, double-spaced, 12 font, margins around each page not to exceed 1 inch, appropriate use of citations as footnotes, include a bibliography.

Note that citations, as necessary, should be provided in the form of footnotes (i.e., listed at the bottom of the page on which they appear–not at the end of the paper). Additionally, you should include a bibliography which lists all source materials that you sorted through in conducting research on your topic even if you did not specifically cite from any of these source materials in preparing your paper.

*Please ensure that paper contains an introductory paragraph(s) which should contain a clearly stated thesis, followed by body paragraphs that support that thesis, and finally, a conclusion.

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