Is addiction a disease

Is addiction a disease?
Using information from the assigned articles (posted on ETUDES), lecture (podcast), and discussion, write an argumentative essay defending your specific position on the issue. Please do not use outside sources.

Please make sure to:

Develop a clear thesis statement.
Elaborate and defend your position.
Compose your essay following the General Writing Guidelines distributed at the beginning of the semester (see Resources on ETUDES).
Avoid vague, ambiguous, and otherwise misleading language.
Consider the strength and/or validity of your arguments by making sure your premises directly relate to (and support) your conclusions. Don’t forget that counterarguments can add strength to your argument as well.
APA or MLA format of parenthetical references is required. Plagiarism (using someone else’s words as your own) occurs when you do not properly cite your sources, and plagiarized papers will earn a score of 0. No references page is needed because all sources have been provided for you. Again, please do not use outside sources.

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