Investigate and evaluate historical information from global, social, and ethical perspectives to guide decision making.

After revising your midterm exam paper according to the feedback you receive which is attached below, you will add a new 750 word essay to it. This second 750 word essay will draw on the course materials and continue to follow your two chosen groups from the Midterm through Week 8, or in the post-1700 period. This cumulative essay will allow you to demonstrate your mastery of Course Goals 1 & 2:


  1. Accurately and effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to present material in a historical context.
  2. Investigate and evaluate historical information from global, social, and ethical perspectives to guide decision making.


In total, this essay will be 1,500 words long, but do not panic! You will have already have written the first half of the essay. You are simply revising it in order to improve your writing and critical thinking skills. The integration of the midterm exam paper with the final exam paper into a single cohesive essay will do two things.  It will provide a fascinating analysis of your two chosen groups as you trace the technological transformations over time, and as you examine the impact on their lives, society, or culture, and the possible changes in how these groups viewed the world or the universe.

You may have to adjust the original midterm exam paper thesis statement, along with the introduction and summary, to produce a flowing essay incorporating not only the feedback but new information and sources.

Remember, the final exam paper should note the specific technological transformation, the two groups affected by it, and the historical time period being discussed. The technological transformation and the groups affected should be the same as the midterm exam paper.


This assignment requires a title page with student’s name, the essay should be double-spaced, with proper citations in the correct University of Chicago format (also single-spaced), and a separate, formal bibliography page. Include page numbers.

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