Introduction to Access Database Systems


The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about how database management systems (DBMS) use SQL as the engine doing the work within the database. The focus of this assignment is communicating your increased understanding of how SQL is at the core of DBMS.

Virtually all modern relational databases are built on some version of SQL. By doing some tasks using SQL code, you can begin to see the multiple steps that are executed in SQL to complete one task when you use a DBMS, such as Access.
1.Use the SQL Tutorial Instructions document to review the requirements of this assignment. You will find a link to this document in the Resources area, below.
2.Access the SQL Tutorial Web site to complete lessons 1–8. The lesson pages can be found under the SQL Course Curriculum heading at the bottom of the Web page. In each tutorial, there is a link to the answers. You are welcome to use these, simply adapt your answer as needed. NOTE: Some SQL commands do not display the table when they are completed. This is not an error. To display the updated table contents, use a command learned in a previous tutorial. You may choose to display the table contents at the end of each tutorial rather than after each command.
3.Use the SQL Tutorial Assignment Template to complete your assignment.

Attach your Word document to the assignment area and submit it by Friday evening. Do not copy and paste your work into the comment section of the assignment area. Consult the Relational Database Systems Scoring Guide for this assignment’s grading criteria prior to submitting your document.

SQL Tutorial Web Site. –
SQL Tutorial Assignment Template (SEE  WORD ATTACHMENT)

Relational Database System – SQL Tutorial Instructions.

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