Internet System and Software- Eclipse- Java language

Problem Description
By using Java language:
You will implement a phone directory server and client application. The client will send
information of a phone to the server and server will save this information.
Phone Information class
Write a class PhoneInfo with following fileds: name, phoneNumber, command. Make sure that
the PhoneInfo class is Serializable [see Java help notes].
Directory User class
Write a directoryUser class (client). The direcotoryUser class creates and sends PhoneInfo
objects to the server with the command filed of the PhoneInfo object set as “Add”.
Phone Directory class
Write a PhoneDirectory class (server) which receives PhoneInfo object from the client and if the
command filed of the PhoneInfo object is “Add” then it saves the PhoneInfo Object in an array.
Modify Directory User class
Modify the directoryUser class such that the phone information and command is captured
through the console. No modification is needed on the server class.
Modify Directory User and Phone Directory classes
Modify both direcotryUser and PhoneDirectory classes such that directoryUser keeps sending
the phone information objects to the PhoneDirectory server and server keeps receiving it and
saving it. Untill the directoryUser class sends “Quit” in the command filed of the PhoneInfo
object. After that both direcotryUser and PhoneDirectory classes quits.
Java help Notes: To serialize a class use the following java format:
public class className implements Serializable
You should write each class and print Screen the result of whole assignment.
Including each class code.

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