International Business law: What consideration is exchanged?

You are the CEO of GreatDrugs, a Smithfield-based corporation. Your company has defined its plan for manufacturing and distribution of its drug. The manufacturing facility will be Smithfield and drugs will be exported and sold in Brazil, Japan and the Netherlands, in addition to the US. An effective way to manage the supply chain is to use a cloud-based service as it cuts down costs (no need to build an infrastructure for managing the supply chain) and cloud-based service are usually up to speed with technological innovation ( Upon market research, you conclude that you will obtain cloud-based services from Oracle. This is description of what they offer in the area of supply management ( You will ask to enter into the following agreement:

After reading the assigned chapter, write a short essay briefly discussing the following questions (to be submitted on Blackboard):

  1. What type of contract is this?
  2. What law governs the agreement?
  3. Who are the parties to the contract?
  4. What consideration is exchanged?
  5. How will you accept this contract?
  6. If, after 3 months, you are not happy with the services, can you stop paying them and look for an alternative provider? (This is the most difficult question. The answer is in 2.1 and 9.4).
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